When we started our research back in 2014, we didn't think for one minute that there would be so much interest in the subject of Augmented Reality (AR) for tourism, regeneration, communities or education. Starting with some research into the early adopters of the technology, Tartan Jigsaw has been flying the flag for Scotland's creative use of AR technology alongside a small dedicated band of key digital influencers across the country .  

We now have a Time Travel Scotland project underway which will take the traditional seaside community of Girvan on a journey of discovery called #FutureUnwritten. Over 12 months, different opportunities will be created for members of the community to explore a variety of interpretive techniques, experience AR for themselves, create interesting content and feed into the wider thinking around the application of this technology for places. 

We are working with an Ayrshire based company ListenUp to measure public opinion and gather a clearer picture about how digital experiences fit within the tourism offering locally. This is a truly innovative and challenging project. Towns and attractions will be explored, artists will be engaged and theories will be challenged!

Over the year we are organising learning journeys, community engagement events, exhibitions and training sessions, as well as capturing our digital journey on film with Prancing Jack Productions. We plan to show this late 2017 when we will also host a gathering of people with an interest in Augmented Reality for Tourism. Check out our latest videos about the project and keep in touch via our facebook for more info!