People, places and performance!

With Tartan Jigsaw comes a passion and a knowledge linked to Scotland, towns, communities, culture, tourism, nature, environment, health and technology. In 2018, we have made it our mission to continue to bring our down-to-earth project management to new places and help others to achieve their ambitions.

In 2017, we started our own time travel project located in Girvan in the south west of Scotland. We are delighted to continue to work with local charity Girvan Town Team to progress our explorations into new technologies for places. Read more about our first research project FutureUnwritten or take a peek at our new adventure into AR called Spirit of Scotland

Another key interest of Tartan Jigsaw is the Business Improvement District initiative (BIDs). We are delighted to be a practitioner with BIDs Scotland and we are currently supporting the development of Largs BID as its moves through its renewal phase and transforms into a Community Improvment District - Perhaps the first in Scotland! Watch this space for more information about Community Improvement Districts!

During 2017, Tartan Jigsaw developed a unique partnership with Listen Up, a well-respected Scottish business that provides measurement for customer experience and satisfaction. In October 2017, the Destination Optimisation Tool was launched at the Scottish Parliament as part of the Scotland's Towns Reception. We are currently working with Scotlands Towns Partnership to test our Destination Optimisation Tool as a way to shorten the time it takes to undertake the BID development process in Scotland. Read more about this exciting new way to measure your town or destination's performance with DOT

In a small change to the usual regeneration work undertaken, Ros Halley of Tartan Jigsaw has been contracted by Support in Mind Scotland (formerly National Schizophrenia Fellowship) to lead a new team from Argyll & Bute, the Outer Hebrides, Dumfries Galloway, Ayrshire and West Lothian to investigate ways to create more connected communities. This work which is supported by the Scottish Government is breaking new ground in rural mental health & wellbeing. The initial project called Well Connected Communities completed at the end of March 2018 and the report will be launched soon.

Another adventure into the unknown has been the development of a funding platform called Tartan Cents. We provided the behind-the-scenes assistance to Scotlands Towns Partnership as they initiated a unique and ambitious pilot programme to explore how the diaspora in the USA would react to getting involved with regeneration projects in Scotland. You can see the Tartan Cents crowdfunding platform here.

Whether identifying new augmented reality offers for Scottish towns, building tourism destinations, building new teams or helping national organisations to make the most of their resources, we are keen to share our straightforward way of working with others looking to create better places.