THE POTENTIAL OF BIDS (Business Improvement Districts) - AN EXPLORATION

At the end of 2015, a discussion took place to explore how far the Scottish BIDs model could go. Early 2016, a group of business leaders on the Isle of Arran agreed to participate in a short study to identify interest and scope for participation in a BID. The early report led to an application for funding to the Scottish Government and in August 2016 Tartan Jigsaw was commissioned to lead on the island BID development work.  

As well as leading the group through some tricky steps, Tartan Jigsaw is also collating evidence of the journey to ensure that the approach is able to be fed into the wider thinking and development of the Scottish BIDs model going forward. 

North Ayrshire Council is actively supporting the group's endevours and with their support it is anticipated that the Isle of Arran will continue on its journey towards becoming Scotland's first Island BID.