Tartan Jigsaw is a Scottish based project management company providing creative leadership for place regeneration, heritage and tourism projects. We work in partnership with community groups, businesses and national organisations to provide effective and innovative solutions across a broad spectrum of interests. We are passionate and knowledgeable about culture and tourism, place making and communities.

When it comes to regenerating places our approach is about providing practical down-to-earth advice based on using the latest innovative market research. We don't just tell you what needs to change, we help you to find creative solutions and help you to improve your place. 

We engage communities to think about improving their place; we influence groups to think differently and to work collaboratively; and we make sure you develop the skills and resources on the ground to make real change possible.

Using our networks across the country, we bring together expertise to help you to make a lasting difference in your region, your valley, your town or your street! We work with straightforward, ambitious people who want to see something happen. We see things differently...enjoy the journey!