We have over 25 years of project management experience in the fields of place-making, grant administration, tourism, regeneration, rural development and heritage. With an eye for detail and creative flair, we see connections and develop solutions to often complex issues. Working with a wide variety of clients over the years across the public, private and third sector, we build strong partnerships at UK, national and at local level.

If you need a down-to-earth common-sense partner to make things happen then Tartan Jigsaw could be the very spark you need to ignite change in your organisation, business or community. We are approachable, flexible and most importantly we are dedicated to finding the best innovative and quality solutions for your specific situation. We adapt quickly to become a key part of your team for however long you need us!

EXPERTISE We are constantly updating our knowledge and industry links to ensure you get the best possible solution, not an outdated response.

PASSION We are passionate about helping people to build better places and stronger and more resilient communities.

INNOVATION We help people to develop new ideas, create interesting projects and deliver exceptional results!