People, places and performance!

With Tartan Jigsaw comes a passion and a knowledge linked to places, communities, culture, tourism, nature, environment, health and technology. From the early years our interests have pushed boundaries and have led us to take on new projects such as “Future Unwritten” and “Spirit of Scotland” which explored Augmented Reality with Girvan Town Team and generated interest and financial support from the Scottish diaspora around the world.

Over the last decade and in one way or another we have been involved with the Business Improvement District initiative (BIDs). We worked with Scotland's Town's Partnership to assess the possibilities for further development of the Largs BID in North Ayrshire and delivered the BID consultation for OneDalkeith in Midlothian. We even explored the possibility of rural BIDs, island BIDs and community BIDs rather than business-only BIDs.

On the back of our work with BID related organisations, Tartan Jigsaw developed the Destination Optimisation Tool (DOT) in partnership with another Scottish business Listen Up to measure customer experience and satisfaction. In October 2017, the  Destination Optimisation Tool  was launched at the Scottish Parliament as part of the Scotland's Towns Reception. Since then Tartan Jigsaw has developed the tool to be able to measure the health of a community.

Over the years much has changed, we have seen a change in the way that organisations and businesses are responding to the challenging context in which we now live. In the last few years new opportunities have emerged for our founder Ros Halley to work with other UK and Scottish organisations. Ros was contracted by Support in Mind Scotland (formerly National Schizophrenia Fellowship) in 2017 to lead an innovative community approach to improving mental health in two pilot areas in Scotland.  This work which is supported by the Scottish Government is breaking new ground in developing an approach to Community-Led Mental Health and Tartan Jigsaw continues to develop a Community Health Monitor as part of this innovative work. More recently Tartan Jigsaw has also set up and is now managing Scottish Gas Energy Trust’s new Covid Response Fund , bringing much needed extra financial support to third sector money and energy advice agencies across the whole of the UK.

Whether identifying new opportunities, supporting communities, building tourism destinations, creating new teams or helping national organisations or charities to make the most of their resources, we are keen to share our straightforward way of working with others looking to create better places.