The Destination Optimisation Tool (DOT) was created to assist places identify current issues and opportunities, to develop strategic focus and make best use of limited resources. With a clear focus on capturing and assessing data around economic, social and environmental aspects, the consultation tool is ideally suited to destinations wishing to improve their overall place. Drawing on national and international research into high performing destinations, the tool utilises a mix of digital technology and face-to-face sessions to reach out and engage businesses, the wider community and visitors.

The tool can be used to identify opportunities for investment, gauge support for key projects and can be used to measure progress throughout a specific timeframe.

Using 25 key place indicators the experience of the destination is then thoroughly analysed and linked back to Community Spirit & Identity; Streetscape & Facilities; Active Business Hub; Connected Places & Nurtured Spaces. A typical deployment of DOT will utilise a variety of engagement techniques to capture a picture of the destination. An in-depth analysis allows cross-referencing of responses for different demographics, businesses or visitors and the tool can quickly indicate areas of strength or weakness and flag up differences for target segments. A final report is complemented by an easily understood DOT-Dashboard.

As well as the Destination Optimisation Tool, over the last few years Tartan Jigsaw has been working on developing a Community Wellbeing Monitor, which will be ready in 2021 and will be capable of providing regular and accurate monitoring of a ‘sense of wellbeing’ over a specific period or in relation to certain interventions or programmes. Has there ever been a better time to be able to monitor how your clients are really feeling?


  • The depth of info and analysis around the ‘whole town experience’ or ‘whole wellbeing context’ is far greater than could be achieved through using traditional consultation techniques
  • The data allows much wider, more meaningful discussions around developing places or supporting communities and helps organisations and charities to make better decisions around investment
  • The tool is capable of engaging local residents, local businesses and visitors   
  • The whole process is completely independent from your team and organisation
  • The tool can be used to monitor changes on a regular basis to suit timetable and budget
  • The tool maximises digital integration and is compatible with social media platforms
  • Unlike in-house options, there is no need to design, print, distribute or collect any survey literature!

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