Tartan Jigsaw creates bespoke solutions to help organisations connect with stakeholders, funders and customers across a wide range of interests including towns, tourism attractions, culture & heritage societies and groups interested in the environment, health and wellbeing. We undertake scoping for new grant programmes and develop and deliver new business or community initiatives. We focus on helping organisations achieve their aims through using the latest research, creative thinking and technology. We work with professional partners based in Scotland to bring you high quality digital research, customer engagement and marketing services.

Tartan Jigsaw is passionate about creating better places.We are willing to try new techniques and do things others believe impossible. We are known for our ability to adapt and move quickly and to make things happen on the ground which will help transform places for this generation and the next. We have vast experience of community engagement, we adopt a clear hands-on approach to projects and bring to the table valuable creative interpretation skills. Tartan Jigsaw has the passion, the innovation and the expertise to help you write the next chapter of your story.