Spirit of Scotland is a development of our #Future Unwritten Augmented Reality project which took place during 2017-18 in Girvan. Following on from this hugely successful digital heritage initiative, we are now looking to work with destinations in Scotland to create innovative Augmented Reality trails. We want to create amazing digital experiences, which will help keep the history of Scotland alive!

Scotland's history is jam-packed with tales of Kings, poets, Irish immigration, weavers, coal mining, farming, fishing, tourism and the occasional man-eating cannibal or island fairy! From sporting heroes and inspiring writers, to legendary warriors and tragic queens, Scotland's countrymen and women, both past and present, continue to fascinate, inspire and leave their mark. We can work with destinations to recognise a few well-known Scottish characters, whilst at the same time celebrate and recognise the common man. We tailor the experience to each individual area and to the focus of your initiative.

We don’t just commission a design agency outside of the area to create the trail, we set up opportunities for young people to learn the skills required to write the scripts, design the content, film the actors, build the augmented reality, sculpt the markers and make the promotional materials. Local children and adults can get involved to bring the historical stories and songs to life through performances, which will be filmed to create a new history archive fit for the digital age. These short films will be linked via augmented reality technology to sculptures created by local craftspeople, so that everyone young and old can get a sense of the Spirit of Scotland. Visitors and locals will be able to access this new material through their own mobile devices 24-7 and 365 days of the year. 

Could your town, village or island be the destination to grab this opportunity and make this project become reality in 2020?!